Nancy's Gallery of Selected Work

Have a look at paintings that stand alone, created for a specific audience and purpose
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painting Under the Parisian  Sun
Under the Parisian Sun

Watercolour 15" x 22"
The warm light of the sun provides a perfect backdrop for this little cherub in a fountain near the Louvre in Paris. Print Available
painting Goldfish  Meeting Under Water
Goldfish Meeting Under Water

Watercolour 11" x 15"
From a bird’s eye view, look beneath the surface of the water to find the fish greeting each other. Print Available
painting One Step at a Time
One Step at a Time

Watercolour 11" x 15" Sold
Treading into unknown waters, there is only one way to do it…one step at a time. Print Available
painting Into the Fire I
Into the Fire I

Watercolour 10" x 22"
Close up views of flickering flames create unique patterns of shape and colour. Print Available
painting Into the Fire II
Into the Fire II

Watercolour 11" x 15"
Lose yourself in the fluidity of the fire’s flames. Print Available
painting Oranges in Italy
Oranges in Italy

Watercolour 11" x 15"
These oranges were growing in the gardens on Lake Como. The fruit and flowers there are extraordinary. Print Available
painting Dixie Cat
Dixie Cat

Watercolour 11" x 15" NFS
This portrait of our cat was a labour of love. It was completed using watercolour, ink and pencil crayon. Print Available
painting Collingwood Church
Collingwood Church

Watercolour 11" x 15" Donated
This church in Collingwood is the home of many dedicated volunteers who run a lunch program for seniors. Print Available
painting Classic Car
Classic Car

Watercolour 11" x 15" Sold
This TR -4 is one of a kind, lovingly restored by its owner. The painting was a commission for a retirement gift. Print Available
painting Downhill Rhythm
Downhill Rhythm

Watercolour 11" x 15"
This young skier represents a family friend skiing at Craigleith Ski Club in Ontario. Print Available
painting Out of the Woods
Out of the Woods

Watercolour 11" x 15"
There is no place like Whistler Blackcomb. Print Available
painting Mountain Freedom
Mountain Freedom

Watercolour 11" x 15" Sold
The sense of whimsical freedom in this painting was inspired by skiing at Whistler. Print Available
painting Breakfast Together
Breakfast Together

Watercolour 15" x 22" Sold
Comfort comes at sunrise when this pair of chickadees share their breakfast. Print Available
painting On the Rocks
On the Rocks

Watercolour 7.5" x 11" Sold
A lonely gull claims the rocks on Georgian Bay. Print Available
painting Rice Paper Butterfly
Rice Paper Butterfly

Watercolour 7.5" x 11" Sold
Butterflies are a constant source of inspiration and beauty. This rice paper butterfly was found in Niagara Falls.
Butterfly in the Old Growth Forest
Butterfly in the Old Growth Forest

Watercolour 11" x 15"
This butterfly was found settling on a log in an old growth forest just south of Whistler, British Columbia. Print Available
Then Their Eyes Met.
Then Their Eyes Met.

Watercolour 11" x 15" Sold
Romance is everywhere, even if you are a seagull in Florida. Find the rhythm of the reflection patterns, the spindly legs and the rounded chests of the birds. Print Available
The Grass is Greener.
The Grass is Greener.

Watercolour 17" x 30"
This tattooed group of sheep in Ireland stood in a group, gazing longingly over the wire fence. Print Available