Nancy's Gallery of Watercolour

Please take a few moments to enjoy each Gallery. As the galleries are updated frequently, please visit again in the near future.

Floral Gallery
Landscapes Gallery
Selected Work Gallery
flowers painting In this gallery, florals are painted in a variety of styles and focus, from realistic to a more abstracted style. Negative painting is highlighted in many of the works, with lost and found edges guiding the viewer’s eye to the centre (center) of interest. Transparent paint is used to create colours that glow. ice fields parkway alberta Canada is the creative source for many of the paintings in this gallery. Close to home, Georgian Bay provides ongoing inspiration. The mountains, forests and lakes of Alberta and British Columbia provide jaw-dropping vistas unlike anywhere else. Travels from Europe add another flavour, reflecting everyday life and historic architecture. cherub and water fountain In this gallery you will find an eclectic collection of work. Some are commissions and some just done for the love of it.