Nancy Newman Watercolours

Nancy’s work celebrates the connections between people and places, their history and the natural world. Her love for watercolours is shared with others through workshops, classes and art trips.

Nancy is always happy to hear from collectors, students or fellow artists. If you need more information, please contact Nancy.

You are an outstanding watercolour artist!  Every time I see your work your ability to let colours  flow is superior to many well known watercolour artists.  It is relaxed, effortless and shows confidence in the ease with which you handle the brush, blending colour and using light and shadow.


Watercolour Painting Classes and Workshops for Adults.
Nancy Newman art class


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Artist Holidays

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On location Artist holidays

“It is a privilege to own one of your paintings, Nancy!” WC

“Your work is beautiful, vibrant yet soothing!”  PL

“Your work continues to light up faces.  Spectacular as always.” MF

“Your work takes my breath away!” ST

“I love your landscapes…beautiful and inspiring.” EB

“Lovely florals, so clear and fresh, wonderful!.  CP